Lucky Luke/Lewsyn Lwcus 3: Treflan Dalton City [Welsh edition]

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1st Edition

298 x 224 mm. 48pp Suitable for: 8+ years.... [In stock in Australia, for immediate delivery]

Welsh description: Mae Lewsyn Lwcus wedi derbyn swydd newydd fel sheriff Tre Fenter, tre lle mae cyfraith a threfn ar ddisberod, ac anarchiaeth yn rhemp. Ei orchwyl cyntaf yw cael gwared ar holl ddihirod y dre. Yn eu plith mae Clinton Fenter, pen bandit y ddinas bwdwr hon, sy'n cael ei daflu dan glo i'r un carchar â'r Brodyr Dalton. Haid o bedwar o wylliaid trafferthus yw'r Brodyr, yn amrywio yn eu taldra o'r pwtyn crintachlyd Joe, i fyny trwy Jac, i Wiliam, ac i'r stribyn hirgoes a dwl Afril.

Ar ôl i Fenter baldaruo wrth y Brodyr am ei ddinas wag yng nghanol y paith, mae'r gwylliaid Dalton yn dianc o'r jael, ac yn ail-sefydlu Tre Fenter fel eu dinas eu hunain, Dalton City. Ond heb nemor neb ond hwy eu hunain yn drigolion yn y ddinas ddiflas, mae angen ail-boblogi'r lle. Erbyn hyn mae Lewsyn Lwcus o'i wirfodd yn garcharor i'r gwylliaid Dalton, ac yn cynnig syniad i'r Brodyr sut i ddenu pobol nôl i'r dre - gwahodd holl ddihirod y fro i wledd ysblennydd. Strategaeth gyfrwys dros ben ...

English translation: Lewsyn Lwcus (Lucky Luke) has taken a new job as sheriff of Tre Fenter, a town in turmoil where law and order has gone to pot, and anarchy runs wild. His first duty is to rid the town of all its bandits, amongst them Clinton Fenter, the town's corrupt head honcho. He's thrown into the same jail as the Dalton Brothers - a bunch of four troublesome outlaws. They range from the mean pint-sized Joe, and up through Jac and Wiliam to the tall, lanky dope Afril.

After hearing Fenter's tall tales about his now deserted town, the Dalton Brothers escape from prison and re-establish Tre Fenter as their own Dalton City. But bereft of inhabitants save themselves, the town needs a new crop of residents. By now, Lewsyn Lwcus is under voluntary detention at the Daltons' pleasure, and has an excellent idea how to attract new inhabitants - invite all the region?s desperados to a magnificent feast. A cunning strategy indeed ...
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SKU 9781906587031
Barcode # 9781906587031
Brand Dalen
Artist / Author Rene GOSCINNY

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